Open-Source SecDevOps Framework

to accelerate, standardise and provide visibility over all testing activities

Embrace existing tools and frameworks

Accelerate SecDevOps practices

Standardize across projects

Painless integrations

Testing is more than automation

SecDevOps Framework
Full SecDevOps approach

Learn how to support functional, performance, security and operation activities using just one framework to rule them all.

Testing Asset Maintenance
Reduce asset maintenance

Accelerate test development using a single framework to interact with all aspects of a SecDevOps practice.

Distribution Model
Innovative distribution model

Bridge the gap between projects, have everyone working on the same framework and benefiting from a unified repository. 

We've got you covered

Developer, SDET or Operations, you will feel at home
Support for existing tools and frameworks

artiko supports commonly used tools and frameworks such as Selenium, Cucumber, Cypress or Grafana.

Integration ready

Our integration layer bootstraps any project by providing a simple configuration file to integrate the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Reporting engine

Provide visibility about all your testing activities through a common reporting engine, connected to common tools such as Jira, Jenkins or Grafana.

Common utils

Tried of writing the same code to support your testing efforts? Common utils to assert, write logs, capture screenshots, work with strings, anonymise... and more!  

Developer friendly

Integration with popular repositories such as GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket. No need to change you way or working.

Database integration

Accelerate common activities such as retrieving test data, prepare test environments, anonymise data...

For testers

who are trying to accelerate, standardise, and provide visibility over their testing activities. Use this framework >>

Looking for a change?

Are you unhappy with you existing testing solutions?too expensive or restrictive?
Your DevOps team demand flexibility and Open solutions that can be tailored to their needs?
Are you already using a framework that focus on just one aspect of testing? 
Are you simply using a tool and not a SecDevOps framework? 

Looking for a change

How it works

Frequently asked questions

No, artiko is a framework that allows the tester to continue using their tool of choice, and benefit from other features that traditionally would have to be developed or integrated manually on each new project.

Right now the development team is mostly focused on tools commonly used to test web and mobile apps.  Please contact us if you would like tool XYZ to be supported.

The distribution model is still on development. Please contact us to get detailed instructions.

Our team is currently focused on JavaScript and Java. If you would like other languages supported please contact us.

Yes, artiko was conceived to cover the complete Software Development Lifecycle and focus on organisations adopting SecDevOps practices. 

artiko supports tools in the following areas:

- Functional domain:
Support "brain testing" integrating with commonly used tools such as Jira and supporting definitions using Gherkin language.
- Automation domain: Support for commonly used tools and frameworks such as Selenium, Cucumber, Cypress, Robot Framework...
- Performance domain: Support for commonly used tools and frameworks such as JMeter, Gatling, Artillery...
- Security domain: Support for Static, Dynamic and Interactive Security Testing (SAST, DAST and IAST) as part of the Pipeline
-  Operations domain: Support for APM tools that re-use many of the assets used in the automation or performance domain (Selenium scripts, data visualisation using Grafana). 

artiko is made by SDETs for other SDETs. Chances are if you are a developer without any testing experience on your team, artiko is going to help you as well. 
artiko provides guidance and context on all testing activities, speeding up the initial tool setup and integrations, and generally providing a solid foundation for all future testing activities. 

Our team

Jose Aracil
Jose Aracil
Business Leader
Álvaro del Ser
Álvaro del Ser
Product Visionary
Eneritz Zubizarreta
Eneritz Zubizarreta
People Leader
Asier Ibarreche
Asier Ibarreche
Product Owner
Gonzalo Álvarez
Gonzalo Álvarez
Automation Guru
Amazing development

requires an amazing team.

artiko is supported by Globe Testing, a leading software testing company headquartered in Spain. Operating since 2011, Globe delivers SecDevOps services for some of the largest companies in the country, including one of the top 3 retail eCommerce worldwide.

artiko Development Amazing Team

Get artiko now!

Contact us to get access to the latest version of artiko. We are working hard on making artiko available to everyone without filling a form, unfortunately the distribution is not ready yet. In the mean time please contact us.

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